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1946 Ford Fire Engine
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2017 - Shady Cove Oregon
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This website will document the progress of the rehabilitation and preservation of a 1946 Ford Fire Engine once owned by the Ashland Oregon Fire Department. The Fire Engine was donated to the Southern Oregon Historical Society in May 2017

When SOHS volunteers Ben Truwe and Rick Black first heard about the possibility of the donation, they drove to Shady Cove to see the vehicle for the first time. We had previously seen photos of this Fire Engine in the SOHS archives as it was involved in a bridge collapse in Ashland in the winter of 1948. After the truck was repaired, it went back into service until it was sold in a surplus vehicle auction. A private individual owned it for many years. It had been sitting in Shady Cove on the Rogue River for about 8 years.

Here are some photos Ben and I took on our visits to see the truck - and retrieve it.

First Visit to check it out - April 11, 2017

Volunteer Ben taking initial photos Lots of "junk" surrounding the Engine Seems like it's all there Driver's compartment not very tidy
Rear compartment had 14 hoses! Fire Engine body made in Portland Same Flathead V8 used in Ford Cars Has been animal's nest for years

Second Visit to get rid of the canopy and give it a bath - April 17, 2017


Old canopy ripped to shreds by weather Volunteer Kitsy W giving FE a bath It looks Nice and shiny when wet One of the 14 hoses found in back
Hose Reel behind Cab Instrument Panel and Directionals Glass broken on instrument panel Fire Extinguisher, hoses and axe!
Volunteer Garrett checks rear storage After unloading the hoses - empty! Siren looks like it's ready to sound Seat looks pretty comfy


When the SOHS Collections Committee and Board of Directors agreed to accept the donation of the Fire Engine, we made arrangements to have it towed to a storage location in Medford (donated by a Society member) so that we could begin to get it into running condition.


Retrieval - May 27, 2017

Rick and Ben Meet Tow Truck
Fire Engine towed out of the field
Dick's Towing gets the FE up in the
air and ready for the ride to Medford
Our Workshop near the Airport
Workshop - Lots of space
The Workshop
Backing it in the Workshop
Ready for some TLC

We have a lot to do to get the Fire Engine roadworthy again. We will be asking the community to volunteer their automotive talents and resources to our effort.
Donations to this project will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

If you have mechanical talent and would like to help us get the Fire Engine back on the road, please contact the Southern Oregon Historical Society. Rick and Ben
both volunteer there; Rick is on duty every Wednesday and Ben works on several projects on various days.

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